Got Questions? We Have Answers.

For more information about Studio Jax, please use the contact button in  the menu above.

As of right now, we have implemented new rules and procedures to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

~ NO WALK-INS. We have had to reduce our class sizes. Everyone must pre-book through our website by creating an account here.

~ We will take every participant’s temperature upon arrival. Any temperature above 99 degrees will not be admitted.

~ Masks are required upon entry, exit, and anytime you leave your designated space.

~Masks are not required during classes due to the cardiovascular nature of our classes.

~ PLEASE STAY HOME if you feel sick or have been in close proximity with anyone who has tested positive, awaiting results from a test, or has been ill.

~ PLEASE STAY HOME if you have traveled to a country where Covid-19 is still present.

~ Please bring your own mats for class.

~ We will be sanitizing equipment and surfaces before and after class.

~ Antibacterial gel will be easily accessible.

~ We ask that you leave any gym bags, work bags, large purses, etc. in your vehicles in order to avoid any cross-contamination on surfaces.

Fitness leggings, sweatpants, gym shorts or other comfortable bottoms will work best for all of the fitness classes Studio Jax offers. Yoga can be practiced with lightweight fitness shoes or barefoot. For Salsation it is best to wear a fitness shoe made for aerobics or dance, and any fitness shoe will do for the strength classes.

You should always bring water with you to any fitness class but we do have a water station for you to refill those water bottles!

Absolutely not! Our Yoga instructors are trained to show modifications and we do supply blocks for anyone who might need them.

It is perfectly normal to feel fatigued and out of breath when you first begin any new fitness class! If you find yourself unable to keep going, simply move to the side or back of the room and catch your breath. Keep walking around slowly and we recommend that you do not sit down. You definitely should not lay down or put your head below your heart in any capacity while your heart rate is high. Most importantly, when you have recovered and catch your breath, jump back into the workout. As time progresses and you become stronger and your endurance increases, you will find that you won’t have to take as many breaks.

We have a cubby shelf located in the back of the studio for small items such as keys and cell phones. If you bring a larger purse or bag you can find storage under the benches in the front of the studio.

If you have any injuries or disabilities, please notify the instructor prior to class beginning and they will either suggest you don’t participate until you are healed or most likely will give you modifications to do during class. Remember to consult your physician prior to beginning any new fitness program.

For all of Studio Jax’s regular fitness classes, there is a set schedule. You can find the class schedule here and then click on the Class Schedule tab.

All of our classes have regulated temperatures for a comfortable environment. We do not practice “hot” yoga at our studio.

If you have to leave a class early, please do so without interrupting the rest of the class. We do lock our front door during class for safety reasons so if you do have to leave early, simply unlock the door if all Studio Jax instructors are occupied.