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The MCC Small Business Club

WHEN TIMES GET TOUGH, WE ADAPT AND ADJUST – “SURVIVAL” | The recent COVID-19 Global Pandemic has made things difficult for everyone, especially for the small business owner and the first stage entrepreneur. But, no matter what happens we still have to get up, get out, and get to work sharing and providing our products and services to the general public. We still have to put an effort into marketing and getting the word out that we are here, ready to supply and to serve. At My City Connected we’re making things easier for the small business owner and entrepreneur to compete in a world where the struggle is real. Our Small Business Club membership packages offer a variety of tools and opportunities that every small business owner can use to help them succeed even in the toughest of times. Members of the MCC Small Business Club receive the tools and training necessary to help them market their business to its fullest potential. When our tools and training are used correctly, small business owners and entrepreneurs can cut their marketing budgets by more than half while at the same time compete more effectively in their local market.

Whether you are an established small business that wishes to beef up its operations and marketing efforts, or an up-and-coming entrepreneur who is just getting started, membership in the My City Connected Small Business Club can make a significant difference in the success of your business. Our membership plans provide our business club members with modern/easy to manage websites, high quality business management software, digital marketing software, advertisement opportunities (both free and discounted), free training, technical support,  free promotional events, and MORE!

Currently our small business club is by invitation only due to a special project we are launching this year with a small group of very fortunate business owners and entrepreneurs. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a video call to discuss your small business becoming a member of our unique and evolutionary small business club, please contact us using one of the options made available below.

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