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Start Your Own Business Online for $1 per month for 1 year

Yes! It’s true. If you’ve always wanted to have your own business NOW is the time to do it. This once in a lifetime opportunity will expire January 1st, 2024. Sign up on the My City Connected Social Networking platform for FREE and you’ll have all you need for the most comfortable social networking experience ever, and when you upgrade to the Verified membership level at $1 per month, you’ll have the option of opening your own fully functional ecommerce store in the My City Connected Marketplace FREE for an entire year. No Contracts, No obligations, leave any time.

My City Connected is a NEW social network built to provide the social networking experience many of us wish we had. A place where users are in complete control over what they see and hear with absolutely ZERO forced advertisments in their feeds. A place where business owners can save thousands of dollars in marketing cost while at the same time market to their customers better than ever before.

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