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Soon to be Your City’s Largest Mall

About The Marketplace

The MCC Marketplace is an online mall where small businesses and up-and -coming entrepreneurs set up shop. The MCC Marketplace is a fully functional ecommerce platform where visitors can browse and purchase products and services from local vendors.

What makes the MCC Marketplace unique is that it is part of the My City Connected Social Networking platform where people can join (FOR FREE) and follow local vendors to receive special deals, updates and discounts on their favorite local products and services, while vendors have unrestricted access to their followers. Meaning… every post made by the Marketplace store owner is sent to EVERY follower with no need to EVER “boost” a post again.

The MCC Marketplace

Soon to be Your City’s Largest Mall!

Benefits for the Customer

Benefits for the Store Owner

The MCC Marketplace FAQ's

Soon to be Your City’s Largest Mall!

Frequently asked questions

MCC Marketplace stores are available to members of the My City Connected Small Business Club ONLY. Business Club Members have various levels of membership. However, ALL member levels can open a store in the MCC Marketplace. Membership levels start at $49 month (plus CC transaction fees) and increases when the amount of fans goes over 1000. Currently this increase is set at $0.01 per fan/follower. Fan bases exceeding 10,000 are negotiated individually and based on company income and Profit status (Non-profit vs For-Profit). We work with all of our members to ensure that we are providing them with the best price possible to help make their businesses as profitable as its potential.

NOTE: All members who choose to and are able to make their membership payments through Zelle do not pay any transaction fees on all membership levels. CLICK HERE to see if your bank supports Zelle payments.

*** Special arrangements are made for those who are unable to afford the membership fee when they start their business in the MCC Marketplace. If your business (or business idea) is approved for the MCC Marketplace we’ll work with you and help you get started.

Currently, all stores must use Paypal and/or Stripe to process payments through their marketplace stores on My City Connected. However, those who have already established payment processors other than Paypal and/or Stripe can still use their store to display their products and services, but will have to supply links to redirect users to their current online processing pages outside of the platform. More payment processors will be integrated into the platform in the coming months.

If you are a member of the MCC Small Business club paying a monthly fee for your membership there is NO COMMISSION on your product sales. In rare cases where we invest in up and coming entrepreneurs who cannot afford the membership fee we take a negotiated percentage of sales not to exceed the price of membership and/or other special arrangements we may have made with the new business owner. Once the new business owner is able to afford the membership fee the negotiated percentage of sales is eliminated.

On average it takes about an hour depending on the amount of products you might want to upload for sale. After you’ve finished filling in all the blanks, adding your products and setting up your payment portal (Paypal and/or Stripe) you are ready to go. So you can reasonably expect to be up and running, ready to make sales within the first day after you have signed up.

Yes you can! Our Marketplace stores are constructed in a basic template format that allows the user with little to no web development experience to quickly and easily set up their store by filling in blanks and dragging and dropping modules. This is similar to what you might experience when setting up a business page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms. In this case the uniqueness of your page is solely dependent on the images you choose for your profile and cover images. (Leaving your layout in its original format can also work to your benefit as users who are browsing from store to store will be able to easily find objects on your page because they have shopped the same layout at other stores in the marketplace.) However, we do offer a customization service that could make your store REALLY stand out! The cost for store customization services starts at a flat fee of $250 to $1500 depending on the complexity of the layout and possibility of customized coding.