The Economics

My City Connected


Broadcasting’s best days lie ahead as both an engine of local economies and as an integral part of tomorrow’s technological world.
Gordon Smith- United States Senator 1997–2009

Community, Communication & Cooperation

When it comes to economics it’s no secret that the internet has had both its positive and negative effects on local communities. With companies like Amazon encroaching on the local space, many small businesses have found themselves unable to compete and forced to close their doors. Big box stores like Walmart and Target with their low prices and large marketing budgets further exacerbate the problem as they dominate the local advertisement market in a highly focused effort on increasing their market share. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t aware of the consequences of these actions and how they affect us directly. The truth about all the examples of big business in local space noted here is they have one very special truth in common. They strip local communities of much needed tax revenue and contribute very little otherwise to the local economies outside of low wage paying jobs. The majority of the profits earned by these companies in their various community strongholds is regularly shipped off to some distant land where it is divided up among shareholders and what seems to be an never ending stream of business efforts all focused on bringing in more money for the same purpose and to the same people over and over again. In exchange, these companies with their tremendous buying power are able to offer consumers a lower price on most all things they can carry. Their biggest benefit being… lower prices means money saved which means more money available to buy more. See the irony here? This is the state of mind that keeps consumers from recognizing the negative effects of what’s happening around us everyday as we make choices about how we spend our money.

My City Connected Inc. operates in direct opposite of the aforementioned corporations in that the sole purpose of the My City Connected overseeing body (the corporation) is to plan and execute highly focused efforts at creating stronger local economies by assisting local business in their efforts to establish themselves in their local markets. The My City Connected social networking platform offers local communities the opportunity to change the entire social media and local marketing game by introducing an alternative to marketing, communications, sales and organization on a local level. Saving business owners thousands of dollars per year in marketing costs while at the same time increasing their visibility and ability to attract and maintain customers and clients in their local communities.