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Inside Waycross is a digital publication created specifically for waycross, georgia's small businesses, Non-Profits, Local Charities, and the communities they serve.

Inside Waycross, a My City Connected, Inc. Digital Publication, is unlike any publication (digital or print) you will come across today. What makes us different is our dedication to investing in people and helping others to succeed. That’s our bottom line.  What you will find in this publication along with articles about who and what is working to make Waycross local communities better are:

FOR THE READER/SUBSCRIBER/PASSERBY: Opportunity! Opportunity in every direction… *smile*.  Inside Waycross offers the opportunity for its visitors, subscribers, and fans to always know when opportunity may be knocking, how and where they can SAVE MONEY, what opportunities are available in housing, employment, education, and healthcare. We encourage all readers to subscribe. It is free and will always be free and… along with being the first to know where the best deals and opportunities are, Starting January 1, 2022 we will begin giving away prizes to one of our lucky subscriber EVERYDAY (365 days a year). A shopping spree, dinner for two, tickets to a show, and MORE!

FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS & ENTREPRENEURS IN WAYCROSS: We bring you the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME.  An opportunity unlike any you will come across anywhere. In conjunction with our parent company My City Connected Incorporated, we are offering FREE ADVERTISEMENT in the Inside Waycross digital magazine for an ENTIRE YEAR when you join the My City Connected Small Business Club.  If you are an established small business in the city of Waycross, Georgia with 3 locations or less, (OR) you are a legal resident of Waycross Georgia and have been wanting to get your business off the ground but just didn’t have the resources… You qualify for FREE MEMBERSHIP for an entire year with absolutely no obligation to continue. We’re betting that at the end of the year you will have had so much success with the My City Connected Small Business Club you’ll want to stick around forever, and if not… you can walk away freely, not ever paying or owning us a dime. In exchange, all we ask is only serious business owners apply who are determined to “earn” their success and that you agree to:

1. Provide ONLY TOP QUALITY products and services to the customers we’re going to help you get and KEEP!

2. To have or obtain a business license issued by Ware County and/or the City of Waycross, Ga.

3. Be willing to participate in a documentary film featuring yourself along with other small business owners as we document your journey to success.

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Our mission is to help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams by providing them with the tools and education to start, build, and grow their businesses.

The My City Connected Small Business Club: To find out more or to apply for membership in the My City Connected Small Business Club, simply click the button below