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Welcome To The Future of Small Business

FINALLY…The break you’ve been waiting for! Whether you are an established small business or you’ve been wanting to get your business idea off the ground, My City Connected is here to help. As a My City Connected Business Club Member you’ll have everything you need to market and promote your EXISTING or NEW business from your home, storefront, or office. We do more than build websites, WE BUILD COMMUNITIES where websites are just a small part of the BIG picture. As a My City Connected Business Club Member you’ll have access to Customized Business Operating Software, Advanced Email Marketing Software, Advertising, and the latest and most Innovative Social Media Marketing tools. ALL INCLUDED IN YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

How We Help Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

We Provide All The Tools You Need.

Email Marketing Software
Social Media Software
Employee Management Systems
Project Management Systems
Websites and more. All in single low priced packages. You won't find a better price for what we offer ANYWHERE!

Training Assets &
Personal Assistance

We provide all the training you'll need to take full advantage of your new business tools. Pre-recorded Video tutorials, Live Webinars, 24/7 Customer Support, Designated Local Representative for every client.


We work with EVERYONE in business as well as those wanting to start a business by providing affordable solutions that fit even the smallest budgets. You won't find anyone else that will provide you with the level of quality and dedication to your success like we will.

What People Are Saying about My City Connected

Allow us to step aside for a moment and let our clients tell you what you can expect from us.

The My City Connected Small Business Club

My City Connected takes an innovative approach to modern day marketing. We believe (in addition to many other things) that business owners CAN and SHOULD HAVE complete control over their business marketing with UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO ALL THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA FANS AND FOLLOWERS. (Never having to boost a post to reach your fans.) Check out the My City Connected Small Business Club to find out how you can accomplish this and how much money you’ll save by working with us and within our small business community.